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The trouble with family history is that the more you dig the more you find! This site presents what we have discovered about our ancestors, their descendants and the families they encountered along the way. Our emphasis is on the stories of their lives rather than their dates and places of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial. If you think you may be related please let us know and we'll be delighted to share more detailed information if we have it.


Rosemary's father, Tom (Thomas William) BLOMFIELD, Mayor of King's Lynn and Stan's father Stan (William Stanley) RODLIFFE feature here along with Joseph RATCLIFF, the founding father of the Cornish family RODLIFFE. Also the eight families into which our grandparents were born:

And many more including our grandchildren's other ancestors.


Pretty self-explanatory with pedigrees etc here.


Despite extensive availability of resources, much of it on-line, not everything is straightforward! Here are examples of the puzzles we are in the process of unravelling:

  • The father of Alice HAMSON nee Evans born LOASBY is proving elusive. Her mother Louisa had a liaison with a young man by the name of William Henry BILLSON around the time of Alice's conception. A grocers' porter aged about 20, he attempted to commit suicide by taking laudanum during a fraught meeting with Louisa. Was William Henry BILLSON Stan's great grandfather?
  • A member of the RODLIFF(E)/RADCLIFF family brought or sent back a photo of a sightseeing autobus in the USA. Were they in the photo? And if so who was it?


Links to things that we've put together while researching our families, such as: