Stan (William Stanley) Rodliffe (1906 - 1988)

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This page has been created from the notes that he wrote in his last years to accompany a photograph album recording some of the events in his life.

"What you are today is due to what you were, and what you did, or neglected to do, in years gone by."

Birth & early years

Stan with brother John Cornish and sister Lilian

Born on 4th May 1906 at "Bruce Villas" to John Cornish Rodliffe Sr, a silk merchant in the City of London, and Lilian nee Rickard. Seen here with his eldest brother John Cornish Jr and his eldest sister Lilian May.

1 Bruce Villas, Mount Pleasant Road

No.1 Bruce Villas, 198 Mount Pleasant Road, Tottenham

School days

1911 - 1920
Studied at Wilsons College, Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, London, N 16. In the photograph I am fourth from the left in the third row back.
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Joined Cadet Force No. 9 Company, Middlesex Regiment. In the photograph, I am far right in the front row.
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27 Fountayne Road

c1915 - 1929
Lived at "Denmead" 27 Fountayne Road, Stoke Newington, London N16.

{It's possible to use Electoral Rolls to track down Dad's homes in a little more detail than he recorded. Some time before 1911 his family moved from Bruce Villas to 70 Filey Avenue, Upper Clapton where they lived until about 1915.}

23rd August 1920
Started on a course of study for a business career at Clark's College, Stamford Hill Branch Centre, The Civil Service and Business University of London.

22nd August 1922
Concluded my business studies at Clark's College. Reference:

"I think Mr Rodliffe would be a success in any suitable post to which he may be appointed."

1920 - 1922
Played in the first eleven at Clark's College at football. The soccer team was undefeated during the 1921 - 1922 season. I am front row, far left in this 1920-21 photo.
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And also cricket, back row, far left in this photo.
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8th June 1922
Clark's College Annual Sports :- senior long jump 3rd; senior high jump 3rd; senior 100 yards, from scratch 2nd; senior 220 yards, from scratch 2nd; member of senior tug-of -war winning team; senior 440 yards, from scratch 1st.

Chestnuts & Michaelmas Social Clubs

1921 - 1922: Played table tennis at the Chestnuts Club, Tottenham. Represented the club against the Eton Manor Club, North London in an Exhibition Match. Messrs Lewis and Ernie Miles, who had represented England at table tennis, played for Eton Manor.

30th November 1922: Confirmed in the Parish of St Michael and All Angels Church.

1922: Joined Michaelmas Social Club attached to St Michael's Church.

1923: Played cricket and football friendly games for Michaelmas.

1924 - 1925: Member of the Michaelmas Football Club first team that won the Stoke Newington & District League 4th Division Championship.

1929: Played for Lower Clapton, the new name for the Michaelmas Club that enabled members to be recruited from outside the orbit of St Michael's Church, at football and cricket. Became captain of the first team for both games.

Business career in the silk trade

Business gentleman!

4th September 1922: Started work in the City of London as a warehouse salesman.

3rd November 1935: Founded W.S. & R.L. Rodliffe Limited, Silk and Textile Converters, 17, Cheapside, LONDON, EC.

29th December 1936: Father transferred his holding of 1,250 shares in John C. Rodliffe Limited, the firm where I started my business career, to my brother John.

Special Constable

4th May 1926: Enrolled in the Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary, J Division Police station, 2, Lower Clapton Road, LONDON, E5.

20th May 1938: My resignation from J Division, Metropolitan Special Constabulary, accepted.


First driving licence

16th July 1929: My first licence to drive a Motor Car.

First car Hillman 14

17th May 1930: Purchased my first car a Hillman 14 Blue Saloon for £278. 17s.

Trenance, Broad Walk

Trenance, Broad Walk

1929: Moved from 27, Fountayne Road, Stoke Newington, LONDON, N16 to Trenance, Broad Walk, Winchmore Hill, LONDON, N21.


G-EBIZ, Avro 504, 2 seat trainer owned by Messrs Hill & Phillips

11th August 1924: Made my first flight from the meadow, Porth Four Turnings, nr Newquay, Cornwall. G-EBIZ, Avro 504, 2 seat trainer once owned by Messrs Hill & Phillips

Possibly a Saunders-Roe Cloud or Cutty Sark

My first nose dive in an aeroplane at St Heliers, Jersey. An intentional dive to show my friend Frank Kelsh what it was like. {Possibly a Cutty-Sark or a Cloud}

Gaelic Rebel

Gaelic Rebel

10th January 1934: Purchased "Gaelic Rebel" from the Greyhound Racing Association. He won 12 times and placed second 10 times. His best times were:

White City 525 yards flat 31.52 sec
Stamford Bridge 500 yards flat 29.02 sec
500 yards hurdles 30.05 sec

25th May 1935: Sold "Gaelic Rebel".



1938: First met Hilda at Lyme Regis.


World War 2

Slit trench 1939

1939: Joined the Red Cross and did duty from Grovelands Hospital, Southgate. In the photo helping to dig a slit trench - in the trench at the back, taking a break. (Click on photo for larger image)

16th October 1939: Awarded the British Red Cross Society Certificate in Anti-Gas Training. AGT 104969.

Midhurst, Chipstead, Surrey

11th September 1940: At Midhurst, Chipstead in Surrey, received an order to find Quarters for seven men of the Toronto Scottish Regiment. Photo of house shows one of Hilda's sisters at the gate.

1st December 1940: Became a member of the Fire-fighting party organised by the Banstead Urban District Council and received a certificate.

Commercial Travellers Association

April 1934: Joined the United Kingdom Commercial Travellers' Association.
7th May 1947: Became a Governor of the Royal Commercial Travellers' School, which I remained for 31 years.
8th May 1947: Became a Member of the Commercial Travellers' Benevolent Institution.
10th June 1957: First attended the UCTA National Conference, Douglas, Isle of Man, as a Delegate for the Southend-on-Sea Branch.
1957: Delegate for the Southend-on-Sea Branch to the London, Home and Southern Counties Federation of the UCTA.
1958: Branch Liaison Officer for the South Essex Branches in the London, Home and Southern Counties Federation of the UCTA.