©2012 Rosemary & Stan Rodliffe


We have not the least hesitation in placing this work before the English-speaking world, knowing full well that it would almost be impossible to find, throughout the length and breadth of our peerless Empire, a solitary individual who is wholly unacquainted with Margate, and Brighton, and Scarborough. We love our haunts by the sea; the poorest among us regards his favourite resort pretty much as the rich man does his country seat - as a place of relaxation from the hurly-burly of life, and yet a home withal. Therefore, we asseverate - and that without fear of contradiction - that it would be impossible to place upon the table in a British household a more interesting souvenir of happy days than this volume. It requires no great effort of the imagination to picture a few friends of long standing glancing through this work. How the eyes brighten at the sight of a familiar spot! And how vividly the old associations crowd back to the mind - memories of glowing, careless days, that gave new life to the jaded worker, and caused the brain-weary to forget their ineffable taedium vitae .

Many of the images in this album were photographed by Frith & Co. Follow the links to The Francis Frith Collection where it is often possible to view almost identical images and play spot the difference - the cliffs, hills and buildings may be unchanged but often the waves, boats and people have moved. Lydstep provides a good example. Many of the images that we could not trace in the on-line Francis Frith Collection are beach scenes which give a fascinating insight into the fashions and activities of our holidaying Victorian ancestors.