Private Joseph Ratcliff of 27th Inniskillings on parade in Malta

Private of the 1st Battalion Inniskillings on parade in Malta around 1803

After the fall of Alexandria in Egypt, the Inniskillings performed garrison duties in Malta. On parade Joseph would have worn a uniform similar to that shown. His hat would have been a cylindrical leather shako with a brass badge in front and would have carried a short white over red plume signifying that he was in a Battalion Company. His red coat would have been buttoned down to the waist with short tails at the rear. The collar, cuffs and shoulder straps of the Inniskillings were coloured buff. Buff breeches with black gaiters up to the knee completed his uniform. Secured on his chest by a belt plate he would have carried a pouch with ammunition for his musket and a bayonet belt. On active service loose overalls would have replaced his breeches and gaiters and he would also have carried a haversack, water bottle, blanket, billhook, entrenching tools and cooking pot.